Any one recognize this pin?
Do you know what "pbpginfwmy" stands for?
A vintage find in Grandma Gill's costume jewelery.
So appropriate for me and my life.
Any ideas?
Does anyone have one of these in their stash of jewelry?
Come on I know at least one of you know what it means.
Let's turn this into a giveaway...
Leave your guess and next week I will make a tote for a lucky winner.
giveaway ends Monday July 7th.


  1. I saw it on another blog. Does that count? Please Be Patient, God Is Not Finished With Me Yet. Love your sense of old fashioned style! You're so hip.

  2. I had never seen it before. And not wanting to wait until Monday I googled it.

    In my opinion we all need one of those buttons.

  3. TGFGIHAOA - Thank goodness for google. It has a lot of answers. Plus now anyone can read your comments and figure out what it means. Maybe we should resurrect that acronym (not the google one but the button one) I love the look of that button. So cool and vintage.

  4. Aww, I was racking my brain, it was so familiar, then I read the comments.
    I think it might have come to me eventually but I wouldn't have slept.
    I love that quote!

  5. Please be patient; God is not finished with me yet. Never hear that before and it's such a lovely saying. I keep up with my teen texting at www.acronymfinder.com

    Did I mention a pomegranate iced tea exploded in my current tote? Hint.. hint...

  6. Well, I did figure it out on my own, even without google!...honest...but I'm not sure how you are going to determine that....maybe we all just get a tote???
    Please be patient, God is not finished with me yet!

  7. Please Be Patient, God is not finished with me yet. I found it on this blog. http://chosentine.blogspot.com/2007_09_01_archive.html

    What did people do before Google?

  8. I also am a google lover, I have to admit I went there and found the answer on acronym finder before reading the comments. What a cool acronym, very cute button!

    Thanks for allowing my comment, I was away on vacation when you first posted this. :)

  9. Please be patient with me God is not finished with me yet

  10. I didn't know the answer until I read it in the comments. Sneaky google readers. ;)

  11. Errr... that's the sound of me screeching to my computer to get in on the giveaway! Thanks for holding it for a few days longer! Love the button...I think that I just need to stamp it across all my tops. Ha ha!

  12. how do you know these things? you're so clever! love the pin.

  13. Pigeon freeway? I had no idea until I read your first comment. Phoey. I just want a tote.

  14. its cute! i had no idea until i saw all the other comments!

  15. ha, I know what this is! I was googling for a picture of this pin, and came across your blog! "Please be patient, God is no finished with me yet". These pins were given out in the early 80's at a seminar for Bill Gothard's organization, a prominent Christian leader at the time (but who I now consider a cult leader... stay away). Cool pic!


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