old friends, new friends

Some old acquaintances and some new friends reunited at a local park for some food and fun in the bay area fog. Fortunately, the fog burned off long before the fun...or food for that matter!

Fellow bloggers, saj (old friend) and cc (new friend).

A big ol' group photo of the gaggle of us.

Once upon a time we were teenagers and mothers and now we are mothers (some with near to be teenagers) and grandmothers.


please excuse the shadowy shots...the fog burned away and sun was bright...not so photogenic...for more photos...ta da!

I was mesmerized by the swinging shadows!

Childhood memories came flooding back or something of the like.

Babybug in all her cuteness.
Saj and cc, thanks for hanging with all of us, we sure had fun.
If you are curious as to who is who...email me and if I am in a good mood I will let you know!


  1. Thanks Nicole for the fun photos. It was fun to get together and I didn't even know about the park practically in my backyard, but then again I don't have little munchkins to take to the park on a regular basis anymore.

  2. What a fun get together! I wish I could have come but I ended up forgetting all about the blogher thing in all the business around here. Another year :)

    Love the photos, you inspire me so much.

    And remember the Watkins you sent me?
    I am so hooked!
    I came across a booth set up in the mall last month and discovered there are tons of goodies made by them, ahhh, thank you my friend!

  3. We had so much fun with you guys! I wish we lived next door.


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