new treasures

On Monday evening we hosted overnight guests (gotta love blog inspired friendships) and they came bearing gifts for the kids and me!

See above bird...so sweet and fits perfectly on my kitchen windowsill.

The kids received foam kits...a princess castle and tree fort accordingly...of course I did not take a photo, nor will I at this point.

The mama summer lazies have set in.

I did take a photo of Glenda's kids with my kiddos but alas in my morning bleary eyes I did not realize how blurry they were...oops.

What kind of photographer am I?

I was also given new Gardeners lotion and such...
how did she know I squeezing the last drips out of my current stash.
Perfect timing.
Another dear friend, gifted me with 2 lovely hankies she picked up for me while on a road trip.
Boy, does she know we well.
I love hankies and I use them all the time.
I carry at least 2 in my purse at any given time, I have them stashed in the car, bedside tables, backpacks and the kids even use them.
So handy, I am not sure why they went out of style.
I have many vintage hankies and just as many new vintage style hankies.
Does anyone else use good old fashioned cotton hankies?
Happy 4th of July to all you Americans out there...my husband and kids included, of course!!

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