A mostly local dinner party...poker included.

As I alluded to the in the previous post, we had a smallish dinner party on Saturday evening...which was really a prelude to an evening of poker.

When we were roaming Europe earlier this year, Aunt Kataya became addicted to poker...we played with sunflower seeds numerous times over the course of our 2 week vacation.

So, the tradition continued on Saturday evening, this time with poker chips and I might add no money involved...maybe next time!

But, before poker we shared a mostly local meal together.

"The bounty of the summer" was the theme, to which Laurie quickly asked, "Will there be meat?". Of course.

Turkey sausages (from marin county), grilled peaches (from a roadside stand north of here), brocolini (CA grown), green onions (CA grown), squash (my garden!), harvest grains (not local...Trader Joes though) and a nice big salad (lettuce from my garden, cheese from Marin, Strawberries from the valley). To sop up the yumminess I baked some bread.

A scrumptious meal if I do say so myself.

I almost forgot the sweet ending...vanilla ice cream smothered in a homemade raspberry sauce.

I love summer food...so much goodness, freshness and sunshine.

I need to have more dinner parties so we can continue eating like kings and queens.

Locavore royalty.

When the kids were safely snuggled in their beds the chips came out, the cards were dealt and betting began.

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