love it..

Looky, looky here!

A received a love token in the mail the other day...darling little notebooks from Dauphine Press. Birds, letterpress and blank pages.

Perfect...for me.

Thank you Aunt Kataya!

There are about 18 million things to write about, like discovering an adorable cupcake bar Vanilla Moon.

Though I love cupcakes, it was only 10 am and I thought breakfast ought to be a crumb cake and a latte instead.

Delish. I sat at a sidewalk table reading a parenting book and snacking.

I could write about this article I read in the latest issue of Good Housekeeping about a "Mommy wears Prada" mom who went to NYC to see if a designer wardrobe of key/classic staples (manolo, burberry, 7 for mankind, etc etc) can simplify a mother's life, make you feel better and make dressing easier.
Interesting article but for the life of me can not find the link.
I enjoyed the article and am curious if they need another mom to give it a try!
Okay, a big shout out to SAJ because she has connected me to a new great blog and the mom of Mommy wears Prada. Check it out.
I wanted to tell you about my daughter's daily doses of naughtiness.
How am delighted that the commute for summer camp is now over.
There are about a zillion things on my mind but, my mind and body are exhausted from prepping and preparing for our vacation.
Tomorrow we are off to Yosemite camping.
Five days of filth and fun...off the grid...
no electronics, no ipods, no dvd's and just plain family time.
This, of course means, no blog posts!
Toodles...talk to you in 5 days or so.


  1. You always find the prettiest things!

    I have not read that article but I want to. I read about it on Kyran Pittman's blog (http://www.notestoself.us) I actually saw her at blogher but was too shy to introduce myself.

  2. Oh yum, your breakfast looks delightful! D naughtiness?impossible - send her to Auntie Glenda!


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