Sometimes trying to make jam is a really good idea...sometimes it's not.
Sometimes trying a new recipe is a really good idea...sometimes it's not.
Sometimes low sugar jam sounds really good...but it is NOT!
Such a waste, such lovely organic raspberries, and such time spent.
Alas, I did indeed learn a lesson. I think.
I will try again but not this week, nor the next, nor the weeks following those...summer holidays are just around the corner...camping and Canada, in that order.
I love raspberry jam...I love Trader Joe's fruit spread with little to no sugar added but my homemade version really was horrible. Truly.
Maybe I need to stick with apricot jam. Hmmm.


  1. Bummer! You can still use it though right? Just add something to it? Ü

  2. nicole!! I made saskatoon jam last week....and it didn't turn out! You sure aren't the only one... :)

  3. I bet it's still fine! Can't you use it as syrup on waffles or something?

  4. But it looks beautiful and there HAS to be some way to use it. I LOVE raspberries!


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