bear was loved

This is Bear.*
He is loved like the Velveteen Rabbit.
He has lost is shiny coat, his shape and his arms hang down.
Bear was one of Jude's first gifts, given to him on the day he was born.
Bear has been loved for 6 years, 4 months and approximately 20 days.
Jude actually "attached" to bear at about 8 months or so...of his own accord.
But since then has been a constant nighttime companion.
Until this week.
I, the mother, was informed, that Jude, the son, no longer needs Bear.
"I could wash him and put him away", I was told.
Oh Bear, I am so sorry...you are real, you are loved, but, Jude is growing up too fast.
Don't worry Bear, you are not going anywhere.
I will prop you up on a shelf where you can watch Jude do all his big kid stuff...
like draw steering wheels for rocket ships, play cars and create birthday cards.
* yes we know it is really classic Winnie the Pooh but we call him Bear


  1. Sniff! I'm not even his momma and I'm about to shed a tear! ((hugs))

  2. Ahhh he's so cute though J - Cody still has Mr. Bear on his bed Ü

  3. awww so sweet. he still loves you bear, A beautiful post!


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