10 things

10 things I am enjoying these days.
1. J.R Watkins hand salve...Using it nightly, the perfect scent and consistency.
2. Wordle: highly addictive and creative check out my design.

3. Homemade snickerdoodles, fresh from the oven...beats store bought any day!

4. Designs from Sarah Jane Studios..."waiting" hangs next to my bed.
5. The smell of the angel trumpet flowers outside my front door.

6. A new book for Jude to record the books he has been reading...a fun memory to look back on years from now. I have one in my stash for when Dels starts reading.

7. Speaking of books, I just finished reading "Little Heathens" a great fun memoir...makes the 10 list today.

8. Pomona's Pectin...I just made my first batch of raspberry jam tonight with the pectin...I'll try it tomorrow morning for breakfast and let you know how it tastes...it looks delish!

9. This little blog.

10. My family...the little moments...the games, the conversations,

the downtime of summer love. Grateful for health and happiness.


What are the 10 things you are enjoying these days?

Tell me about them.



  1. enjoyed your list! Never one to pass up a listing opportunity, here are some things I'm enjoying lately:
    1) evenings on the porch
    2) A/C during the day (thank goodness)
    3) Arctic Circle halibut fish & chips (actually, just the fish - skipping the chips right now) it's a strange prego craving lately.
    4) Shopping on craigslist in the farm + garden section (latest purchase - a new saddle for hubbies' horse).
    5) Anything that might bring on labor
    6) babycenter.com
    7) watching my goats eat weeds (they are such industrious little things)
    8) Checking things off the "to do before baby arrives" list
    9) episodes of "Mcleod's Daughters" from Netflix
    10) Feeling a pesky tiny heel poking out the side of my belly and knowing that I will meet him very soon!

  2. I would make this a blog post, but I am a little backed up in future blog posts for quite a while.

    In no specific order:
    1. Swimming in a waterfall-fed waterhole.
    2. Singing with friends and tonight we taught ourselves the tune for a new (to us) song.
    3. Organizing
    4. Teaching myself html (check out my 101 blog- I did that!)Don't I sound amazed?
    5. A beautiful shelf that now hangs in my dining room that my dad made when he was in 8th grade and won 1st at agribition with.
    6. 70% cacao chocolate
    7. Bob's Red Mill gluten free pancake/biscuit mix.
    8. Brown rice cakes with Adams peanut butter.
    9. My daisies (4 feet tall and 4 feet around.)
    10. The metal star I got for free to hang on my wall.

  3. your warm snickerdoodles no really thank you they were so good.

    my husband

    my kids

    the kicking in my tummy

    school is about to start

    my brothers

    a quiet night of movies

    fruit in season

    my health

    good friends

  4. hum...
    1. room service. we're on holidays in kelowna and we splurge a little.
    2. hot weather.
    3. curt being home for three weeks. sharing kid duty is great.
    4. summer camp for the kids.
    5. sewing simple summer tops. try saying that really fast.
    6. leisurely morning breakfasts.
    7. the kids' wet footprints in the house.
    8. days without plans,
    9. mojitos
    10. subway's turkey bacon sub.
    miss you, jenn d

  5. We've been away for 2 weeks and I'm just catching up on all your posts! Okay, I'll try for the 10 things I'm enjoying these days: (in no particular order)

    1. My kids...we lost Caleb at an amusement park in PEI. Scariest 10 minutes of my life.

    2. Being still. (we've driven halfway across Canada and back in 10 day)

    3. Groceries available, when half the world is starving.

    4. The mighty ocean...we visited Peggy's Cove and another beach. Amazing.

    5. Seafood...ah, fresh chowder and lobster...I love the Maritimes now.

    6. Friends...we visited with lots of old friends along the trip. Delightful for the soul.

    7. Laughter.

    8. Cream...who knew it could make such a difference in a cup of coffee?

    9. The worship CD you sent me LONG AGO from your church's worship team. Soothing.

    10. Garage sales...I love summer.


    p.s. is Jenn D the Jenn D I think it is from Calgary?????


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