a stitch in time

Lately, the sewing bug bit me...perhaps it is biting because all (ok, not all my plenty!) my sewing paraphernalia is sitting on the kitchen table, stacked beneath the table and stashed on top of the washer (which is in the closet beside the table in the kitchen).

Inspiration was also combined with procrastination.

Nothing like leaving things to the last minute. I wanted to sew my SIL a skirt for camp, which starts on Tuesday so it was delivered to her today (wasn't it?).

A fun summery print from Alexander Henry "Pink Zinna".

Anything zinnia is fitting for Jackie...Queen of the Zinnias.

Voila, the finished skirt hanging on the clothes line...I couldn't decide whether or not to add scarlet ric rac to the hem but after consulting Delia, the ric rac was added.

I love how it turned out, in spite of a few crooked hem stitches...I am still a beginner, right?

Continuing in the vein of last minute, I whipped up a skirt for a girlfriend...of course delivered to her doorstep the day before her summer trip! Sigh, I love the birds.
Both skirts are the same a-line pattern as the skirts I made for my mom and sisters last summer. To which I must add, sisters, have you even worn your skirts???
I also hemmed some curtains for a friend...a very stressful ordeal at first...what if I messed up her lovely mustard yellow silk/cotton curtains at 58".
I think they turned out fine from my prospective but I'll check when I am at her house next time!
I do have a couple sewing projects for this week...a sunhat for me, a skirt for a faraway friend and an apron for a friend nearby.
Will the projects be done?
Time will tell!
Edit: Today my SIL wore her skirt at a posh yogurt plce in Palo Alto and a fellow customer asked her where she got her skirt! Wow! Double wow!


  1. Oh Nicole those are adorable - love the fabrics! Good work my dear!

  2. The bird skirt is so cute! My mother is a freak about birds and she would just love that, I know.

  3. I love that first fabric! I'm going to have to order some. Don't tell my husband...

  4. I love the fabrics, the patterns are fantastic!
    Yay you for getting stuff done, fun fun!


    Steph & the other 3 Canadian Stevensons

  6. My lovely mustard silk/cotton curtains looks simply wonderful. I commented to my husband: "Look! They finally look as pretty as they are!" (They were way too long to enjoy before.) Thank you thank you thank you...

  7. octolilly: I am also a brid freak...the fabric is by Alexander Henry ,I think it is called "bird seed"
    madame: I won't tell. Have you ever seen: http://www.purlsoho.com/purl/products/fabric
    monica: you are most welcome

  8. Nicole it's no wonder someone asked jackie where she got the skirt, it's awesome. The pattern is fun and since I spent quite a few hours shopping the last two weeks in socal, there's not too much fun summery patterns out there. So run with the sewing bug, maybe even think about posting a few for sell.


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