Berry stained finger tips.

I love this gardening gig.

I only wish I had a bigger yard with more berry growing space...not just berries but all sorts of produce. Ultimately, I would love to have a nearly sustainable garden...fruit bearing trees, bushes laden with berries, vines of squash and melon and a plethora of veggie goodness. It goes without saying, but in my nearly sustainable garden I would have chickens...lots of them. Maybe even a goat for milk and cheese...that is sustainable right?

This year I have blueberry bushes with berries ripening, Olallieberries, the most delicious lemons, lettuce thriving in a barrel and a smallish garden plot. My garden grows with radishes, herbs, carrots, peas, scallions, swiss chard, tomatoes, peppers, lonely cucumber and squash vines. A wee bit of this and that which will amount to a small harvest but a harvest I can call my own.

Of course I want more.

I should be more grateful...I have a garden and outdoor space, I live where produce grows year round and we get the greatest fruit at local farmers markets.

Really what more could I ask for?

Perhaps a 1 acre plot, raised beds, irrigation system and a farmer husband.
Photo: A bowl of olallieberries waiting for ice cream.


  1. Ohhh yummy! We have a bunch of berry bushes we planted and I am hoping they produce this year! Can't wait! We have 2 peach trees that about kill me every August Ü wish there was only 1.

  2. Amen to the goat. I'm quite jealous of the berries! Heard you guys got to have a visit with the McPhees. They stopped here for a night on the way to AB and we had a quick chance to catch up. Good time!

  3. you can use my backyard too :) you saw how much we do with it!

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