speaking of sales

Astro boy tote: $10

Book boy tote: $10

Robot love tote: $10
All the totes are silk screened by a local mom in her garage, the ILY (I love you in sign language) designs are compliments of my ever talented sister, Wendy.
Inspired by our deaf daughter who never ceases to amaze us.
In honor of her promotion from preschool to kindergarten, with a quick summer stop at an oral deaf program, one of these totes could be yours for mere dollars.
The totes are terrific for toting things like library books, groceries, diapers, lunches and can be easily stashed in your purse or trunk.
If you are interested in having one of these limited edition totes you know how to reach me.
deliajude (AT) gmail DOT com.


  1. I want one! Check your email...

  2. I'll take an "Astro Boy" please.

  3. Those are really cute! W did such a good job on the drawings.


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