nightly reading options

This is my current bedside table.
I say current because I am known to mix up and move around furniture on a fairly regular basis.
So much so that Delia thinks it is her right to have furniture moved in her room and often demands "Move this dresser here and I want my bed over there."
And so on and so forth.
Back on topic, I thought I would share what I am currently reading...not including the stack in the top right of the photo, google reader, picture books or the newspaper.

A close up view:
"In the Defense of Food" Michael Pollan
Definitely worth the read...I heard him speak and I find him his topics life altering..in the eating realm at least. I am going to hear him speak at the "Slow Food" weekend here in SF in September.
"The Boss of You" Bacon & Mears
I have yet to start this "start" your own business book...but can't wait to.
"Little Heathens" Mildred Armstrong Kalish
Reads like a novel. Delightful and charming. I hope to finish today!
"Holy Bible, NKJ" inspired by God
Attempting to read daily, failing miserably but grace abounds.
"Finding God in Unexpected Places" Philip Yancey
A re-read...I pick it up and browse a chapter here and there for a pick me up.
"Can You Drink This Cup" Henri Nouwen
A book that caused me to stop and rethink the act of communion and allowed me to experience God's love and grace in new light...a family classic.
"A Beginning, A Muddle and An End" Avi
Just finished this hilarious, tongue-in-cheek book...look for it in the Children's section of your local bookstore. A gift for anybody who enjoys reading, writing or humor.
"The Successful Child" Dr. Sears
I also pick this book up to peruse on a regular basis just so I can figure out my kids a wee bit more...sometimes helpful, sometimes not but I always love Dr. Sears advice...in smaller doses.
"Raising a Non Violent Child" and "New Parent Power" John Rosemound
Recently recommended by a friend with 2 boys...picking up some great tips.
other books in the nearby rotation...such as side table in living room, tote bag and kitchen
"The Art of Simple Food" Alice Waters
Who does not love Alice Waters, if you don't know her than yo better discover this maven of California cuisine...I am looking forward to preparing many of these recipes.
"Omnivore's Dilemma" Michael Pollan
See above Michael Pollan review...I got bogged down in the section of corn but am ready to push forward, actually contemplating purchasing from itunes so we can listen on our road trip north.
"Gregor Mendel, The Friar who Grew Peas" Cheryl Bardoe
The best way to learn about something can be through a kids picture book...it is summer time and we are growing peas and according to Dels, I am homeschooling!
"Heidi" Johanna Spyri
We just watched the movie and now are reading a vintage copy of this classic.
"Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day" Jeff Hertzberg
Trying to make a new batch of bread a week, last night I used the final lump to make hamburger buns for dinner. yum-o.
"Apples for Jam" Tessa Kiros
I have written about this cookbook before...love, love , love it. Everything I have made has been divine. The photos are true works of art and the stories delightful.
A great gift book for a food lover.
and of course...
Anthroplogie's new catalogue "Vignettes". Lovely.
Need I say more!


  1. WHERE in the world did you get the sign DELIAJUDE? It's amazing!

  2. I love your new header. Do tell!!

  3. Hello there! I'm one of the authors of The Boss of You and I get such a thrill out of seeing the book incorporated into people's everyday lives (like beside your bed). I do hope you enjoy it. I've been looking through your blog and enjoying your many talents. Do let us know what you think of the book, once you've had a chance to have a read.


  4. so the sign is not really a sign but from a mass of metal letters at a flea market and I found all the letters and placed them up on the racks and snapped away.


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