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So, we have a piano now...a borrowed piano...delivered yesterday.
Why am I always a day behind on blogging such things?
The big news though, the piano actually fits in our living room without having to move too much around. The kids are of course thrilled and are often "playing" the piano. We do not have music books, with the exception of a couple vintage song sheets (merely for aesthetics) and an old hymnal from a church...which for my level of playing has too many sharps and flats.

Jude will start lessons in the fall, which he is super excited about.

I need to teach him chopsticks or something of the like. Party tricks.

Thank you Clarke family for loaning us your "extra" piano. We are grateful.

Let our home be filled with music.


  1. Oooo! So envious over here! Enjoy playing an sharing the music with your kiddos. I have a place set aside in my front room for a piano which is waiting to be moved from Casey's grandma's house. It isn't even a mile away, but it might be 10 years before it finally gets over here!

  2. Yay! A piano, to me, is an essential piece of furniture for a family. Enjoy it!

  3. Oh a piano is so necessary, in my opinion. However, we've been considering getting rid of ours (hopefully to be replaced by a smaller one) because it's just too big and never gets played as often as I would like. I'm sure the second it's gone I'll be pining for it, NEEDing it back.
    Enjoy the music!


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