head and shoulders, knees and toes

I got a haircut...just trying to stay young and hip and not embarrass those around me!

A little flippy-do to enhance the the curly-do.

Often it takes a few days to adjust to a new do but so far I like it.

Not to much to say about shoulders and knees but toes, that is another story.
Today's festivities included a farewell/retirement party for Aunt Dot (John's aunt).
In honor of her and her ever green polished, manicured toes, Dels and I painted ours.
I don't think green is my color but it was all for the love of Dottie.


  1. Ohhh cute hair. Talk about frumpy wait til you see me and my mop!

  2. I like the new cut. Very sharp, yet totally relaxed and the green nails, yay for any excuse to hang and paint toes, what fun!


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