Half blind and other stories

Kids do say the most hilarious things.

The above photo holds no correlation to the story I am about to tell.

Settle in while I tell you a tale.

Yesterday, at school, Jude's teacher, Mrs.U was teaching the children about Helen Keller. After a brief telling of Ms. Keller and Ann Sullivan, Mrs. U inquired as to whether anyone knew someone who was deaf or blind or who couldn't speak. Mrs. U thought it would be a great opportunity for Jude to share about his sister (if he wanted to). After a bit of class discussion, (according to the teacher), Judah piped up "I know someone who is half blind...my mom." Sadly, he was serious, because to him in the past 2 years I have had so many eye appointments, some eye patches, eye surgery and google eye drops. Ironically, he does not mention his deaf sister at all. After several more minutes of prodding, Mrs. U explained that some people who are deaf/blind have devices to help them see and hear. Finally, Jude jumped in "My sister has a BTE* but it can NEVER get wet, so if you are at the water fountain, do not splash water on her ear, because it takes 2 whole weeks to get a new BTE".

When Mrs.U retold this story to me I was bust'n a gut...hilarious and so Jude. I have retold it numerous times now to those who know him. His half-blind mom trumps his deaf sister.

For the record my vision is better in my bad eye than in my non-iritis eye.

Go figure.

*BTE: behind-the-ear cochlear implant

Tomorrow is the last day of school for 3 members of this family.

Today was the last morning at home with just Dels while big brother was at school...next year we will get afternoons at home but not lazy mornings. Did I spend the morning crafting with my daughter? No! I let her play on the computer and watch video while I scrubbed bathrooms, swept and mopped floors, gardened, washed, ironed, and rehung curtains among other things.
I was on some sort of cleaning high...a madness of sorts.
It feels good to come to the of the day and only have 2 garden tasks left to do on the days to-do list...tie up tomatoes and clear weeds from new fence area.
Definitely roll over tasks...not for tomorrow because last day of school means parties, promotion ceremonies, BBQ's, picnics and goodbyes.
Oh, and lots of photo ops.

Jude wanted me to make a tote bag for his kindergarten teacher, he choose the fabric. He did not have free reign but had about 6 options to choose from in my ever growing stash.


Speaking of BTE's, yesterday, Dels CI (cochlear implant) stopped working and I had about 10 minutes of pure panic.
It was nearly 2 years to the day (06/13/06) that she had re-implantation surgery due to a device failure.
In the panic of yesterday, I tried all the different batteries, checked the BTE, reconnected everything that could be reconnected, called the audiologist, called the former Speech therapist, panicked. Delia was starting to freak out too...she remembers her surgery (which will likely be her earliest memory), she starts talking in a loud voice and is impatient with my signing.
Turns out the headpiece/cord wasn't working and once I tried the spare it worked.
Praise God. Panic diverted.

Delia after her surgery 2 years ago tomorrow.


  1. Oh my word whata roller coaster of emotions in this post - first I start out cracking up, that story about K is hilarious!! And then I almost end up in tears for you and poor C - how frustrating but yet how thankful you must be for her BTE when it works!

  2. I love the photo of the kids looking at that book. They were really into it! Funny story about Jude's class, that is really cute.

    Sorry you had a scare about the BTE, I can't imagine what that was like.


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