Friend Friday

My husband as a child and guess who?
A famous blogger as a flower girl.

This days everyone seems to have gimmicky blog posts for different days of the week. Wordless Wednesday, Free Fabric Friday and so on and so forth. I am not looking to theme much of anything but I figure y'all are about burnt out on my "apricot" madness. Although before I sign out on that topic I might say I made the most delicious apricot ice cream and I am off to the apricot orchard tomorrow with the kids.
So there is likely to be more apricot posting in the future.
While I am gone enjoy Friend Friday.
Same friend...over the years.

I am on the far right.

Guess who is second from the left?

Me, SAJ and my SIL.

SAJ the famous blogger!!


  1. Awesome!!! I hope I don't scare you when you see the 35 year-old version of me.

  2. Ohh you gals were all so cute! I love looking back at old pictures Ü

  3. Ha ha, I know that was her in the fist photo, same eyes, too funny!
    Is that Karen and Michelle in the second photo?

  4. Annabanana:
    It is Keren, good eye and the other girl is Alana from MB...a good friend from the past.


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