My dear dear friend, Molly, is up and moving a few states away and I am in denial.

The reality has yet to hit me, but man o man, when it does sadness will be my song.

To celebrate our friendship and all that jazz we had a girl date to a great local restaurant.

I was given a lovely memento in the form of a necklace...a wee bit of Jeanine Payer.

I, of course, gave Molly nothing but an ice cream cone, because as I already discussed I am in denial.

Oh, I am so grateful, though I would much rather have Molly living here near me.

I shall wear this necklace as a badge of true friendship.

I am sad not only for me but for my kids, as Molly has been a integral part of our lives since Dels was 4 months old.

Molly was our (yes, our not just Delia's) speech pathologist.

Beyond the professional realm a friendship grew.

We have walked miles, spent hours pursuing pilates, shopped, ate, travelled and discussed all things deaf, wedding, fashion and beyond.

Our family has loved her from the beginning and our lives are forever changed knowing her.

She is an amazing person and touches lives everywhere she goes.

Though I will miss her companionship I do wish her and her husband all the best.

The necklace quote:

"The more joy we have, the more nearly perfect we are." spinoza

Go forth, dear Molly.

For you are loved by all of us.

We will visit!


  1. thank you...i love you too!
    with tears in my eyes, m

  2. Your friendships are deep are beautiful, because you are. People are drawn to you, dear Nicole.


  3. What an incredibly sweet post. Friendship like that is so rare.

  4. It is always tough when a friend moves onto a new adventure. Luckily, it is easier to keep in touch now. I love your new necklace too!


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