day labor

A day in the life of a day laborer.

My day. My life. My labor.

The fruit of my labor, in my fruit pick'n basket.

Not just my day, but a day spent in Uncle Harold's apricot orchard, picking apricots with Jackie(SIL) and Karen (CIL-cousin-in-law).

Jackie is riding in the pick up cab and if you look carefully you can see Karen's reflection.

I think we picked about 300 pounds of apricots, give or take, sliced them in half and laid them on drying racks.

Where they will sunbathe for several days transforming themselves into yummy dried fruit goodness.

In a few days, we will get the call. "Come bag your apricots." And off we will go.
Much to our delight.
I was an apricot farmer for one day. An easy day at that.
I can say I do appreciate those folk who spend all day every day picking fruit for my eating pleasure. Thank you day laborers everywhere.
I came home with probably 50 lbs of apricots...plenty to share and share I did. I also made jam, syrup, and scones. Tomorrow, I will try apricot ice cream and turnovers.
Gotta love apricots.


  1. First of all, the apron is cute.

    Second of all, thanks for the apricots.

    Third of all, I wanted to make turnovers, but who knew my kids loved apricots so much? I don't think I have enough left to make turnovers. Bummer!

    Thanks Nicole -- you are a peach! (or an apricot, I guess...)

  2. Ohh yum Nicole! What a beautiful blog! I can almost smell them Ü I know dreaming!!

  3. Thanks for all your hard work. I made an apricot custard pie last night, D-lish!

  4. sorry i am behind on reading...but i love this post! the pictures are beautiful and i appreciate the walk in another mans boots! Hooray for apricots.


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