bummer, dude!

So, I jumped on the bandwagon...one of many no doubt, but this time I was swayed.
Hook,line and sinker.
On the plus side, local heirloom beans, what could be better than that.
Oh, the yumminess.
Oh, the goodness.
Oh, the cooking I will do.
My continued effort to eat locally if I can, to eat less meat and more veggies, and the idea of trying new things and opening new culinary doors.
As bonus, check out the packaging.
Yadda yadda yadda.

I soaked the flailed beans overnight and start the cooking around noon today.
The goal was a "Creamy Flageolet" recipe.
Seems easy enough and sounds delish.
Now, keep in mind I have very little experience in cooking beans other than for a soup.
So, I start the simmering the beans with a handful of garlic, sprigs of thyme (from the garden) and bay leaves. The recipe said to bring to boil and simmer for 1.5 hours until tender.
I simmered for 5 hours and barely hit tender. What?!
I rationalized all sorts of culinary wackiness and after a few attempts I ended up straying from the recipe (shocker!) and adding the creme fraiche (local, organic and waaaaaaaaaaaay too expensive) before the beans were tender, lemon juice (garden) and salt/pepper.
The smell was divine. Looked tasty.
But as Dels said "...these beans put sand in my mouth!"
A failed attempt. An expensive attempt.
I am so bummed.
Now, I have this $12 recipe in casserole dish in the oven hoping that the beans will eventually soften and I will end up with some sort of baked flageolet concoction which will taste as great as it smells.
Some sort of redemption is all I am asking for.
There is no wind left in my sails.
I am done.
The high of the morning, the sewing (post for another day), the big plans for dinner, the activities and all the daily jazz I started earlier today is now mounding up.
I have at least 3 loads of laundry to fold, scones to bake, a toilet to scrub, a rug to vacuum.
Ah, forg't a'out it. I'm going to bed. T'morra's a new d'y, eh?


  1. Ohhh bummer, those sounded so good! Uggh, I hate it when that happens :( I can't even imagine what could have gone wrong, you did all the pre-washing,soaking and sorting right? I tried to skip that step once Ü

  2. woah- does that "trying a new recipe only to waste all the ingredients" sound familiar to me... ;) i feel your disappointment...

    i've read your blog here and there for awhile... think we may have met once? i know john and jackie.. and a distant cousin of my husbands married one of your cousins-- [heather] -- (the "meeting" family tree)

    anyway- i love your writing and your pix... just thought i should comment already... :)


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