Bread and jam

Today was a stay-in-your-pj's-and-watch-tv-kinda day around here.
I didn't even shower or get out of my pj's until nearly 5pm.
A great summer day.
I let the kids eat breakfast in the living room while watching a video and tonight we finished off the day eating Vietnamese curry chicken take out while watching "Heidi".
The kids love days at home and for them staying in pj's means I won't hustle them out the door to run a errand.
A relaxing day for the kids but for me highly productive.
I finally tackled the daunting task of re-organizing the built in bookcase wall in Jude's room...
I have been procrastinating for , oh, about, 3 months or so.
Give or take.
Finally it is done, of course I came across other projects that now need my attention.
In between, the re-organizing , newspaper reading and laundry I cracked my new cookbook, "Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day" and whip up some boule (fancy for fancy bread).

Simple mixing,

a few hours of rising,

loaf shaping, followed by more rising.

A little slash here and there, and pop the loaf in the oven for 30 minutes or so.
I followed the directions of course!

Golden crust, and gorgeous crumb and shall I mention delish.

Quickly the entire loaf disappeared into our tummies.


Bread and jam for Dels and Jude.


  1. Ohhh my word - yummy!
    I sure hope your Monday night guests are not causing your organizing frenzy Ü can't wait!!

  2. Can you email me the recipe? Yum. I love to make homemade bread. The kneading causes all sorts of tension to come out :-)


  3. What a coincidence! We went to the Ferry Building Farmer's Market today and Jeff Hertzberg was at the Book Passage speaking and giving a demonstration! I've been wanting that book too. The kids were restless though so we didn't stick around. But it's pretty funny to come home and see you talk about the same book.


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