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Oops, I accidentally posted a nothingness post...all you Google reader subscribers will get 2 posts from me in one day. By the by, don't you love Google reader...it has cut down on my aimless, time wasting surfing of the 'net.
Everyday I add a few more blogs...I am addicted to blogs I am afraid...real and pretend friends. Why?
Now, to the title of this post.
I recently acquired am IPOD Shuffle...I know I might be one of the last people of the face of this planet to own a MP3 player. Sorta a falsehood actually because we were given an MP3 player from a friend who works at the Dr. Phil show, however it hasn't worked too well...the downloading connecting to our computer part, so we can not add or delete songs. I am trying to kick up my walking regime so I thought music might help. The old MP3 player had me struggling uphill to the sad songs of Johnny Cash. Don't get me wrong, I love Mr Cash but not quite what I needed. Thus the shuffle. I am technical loser so the actual downloading and installing took several hours but now I am rocking out with 12 songs. I forgot how mush I enjoy music and how it moves me. We rarely have background music on...a small sacrifice with a deaf child (although she loves music). I hardly know what kind of music I like.
I open to suggestions! Feel free to share favorites.
The other morning I took my music and hiked back into the hills for about 4 miles or so...just me and my music. Although, I do enjoy listening to the world around me...the birds, the trees and wind. I did notice that the music distracts me from the restless wanderings of my overactive mind, cutting down on my worries and fears.
Speaking of music, it looks like we will be borrowing a piano and if all works according to plan Jude will begin piano lessons in September and I will start nagging him to practice in October! More on that when the piano arrives in our tiny living room.
Last week, Judah started reading chapter books solo.
A huge step in the world of reading.
He loves books but up until last week always wanted to take turns reading the chapter books. He is hot pursuit of a free book at the bookstore...he needs to read 8 books (he is down 6 already) in order to earn a book. Today, he read an entire 10 chapter book.
I am having flashbacks to my own childhood and my love of reading.
The above photo was Jude trying to decide which book to start.
I hope the love of reading will be lifelong.

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