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Art for Sale
Yesterday, Jude had the brilliant idea (with the help of a book on CD...thanks Auntie Jackie!) to sell his artwork on the front sidewalk. He is all about saving money these days, actually, in hot pursuit of owning ALL the Cars movie die cast cars.
So, at approximately 6:35am, he and Dels headed for the front door to set up shop. Dad sidelined the gig and promised to sit out there with them for 1/2 hour after swimming lessons.
Dad stayed true to his word.

A large majority of the art featured "Cars" stickers.
However, in a moment of genius, he decided he better draw princesses for the girl customers.
Does he know his market or what?

That morning, deterred by a later shop opening, Jude enlisted his sister to help create one of a kind masterpieces of her own on printer paper.

Delia is more of a butterfly and floral gal.
Oh, and a jet rocket to meet the market.
Thank heavens for neighbors and cousins.

A total of $11 was made...selling each piece of art at a buck a pop.

Not bad for an original.

I should mention that Jude did not want to share the loot until ALL the masterpieces sold.

Nice try, buddy.

This afternoon, I overheard Jude instructing Dels to start drawing because today will be a bigger sale than yesterday. Quickly, I jumped in and told him that you can't have sales too often, and muttered some sort of mother blather about supply and demand. Besides, I reminded him, he can sell to his family this weekend..watch out extended family.

Jude will be hitting you up for a big sale!

Oops, I forgot to included 2 more sales today for a grand total of 13.

If you are interested in purchasing one-of-a-kind art created by the Deliajude namesakes, please contact me!

hee hee!

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  1. Ohhh that is waaay too cute. Tell them to each save one for Auntie Glenda when she comes to town in a few weeks, tell them I will pay them a little extra to store them for me Ü


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