my Mr.

What a handsome devil!
Today is a big day for John...as some of you know, he recently won a teaching excellence award within his school district.
A pretty big deal.
I(we) am proud of him and feel he deserves the recognition.
He has been teaching full time at his school for 11 years (or so) and pours a tremendous amount of time and energy into the kids and community there. He runs a club, plays hoop at lunchtime with the kids, facilitates the yearbook, teaches photography and his ping pong table is a big draw to hang out and far too many little things to list.
John is not one for attention but I thought it blog worthy today.
Tonight, we are off to a fancy schmancy dinner/auction fundraiser in his honor, as well as the four other teachers and several high school students scholarship winners.
A grand affair for us humble folk...we so rarely get dressed up and leave the kids at home.
I am channelling Audrey Hepburn today with a sleek black dress and the whole bit.
Perhaps there will be photos taken...perhaps.


  1. Holy cow, that's AWESOME!! Congrats J! You should be very proud N and thanks for sharing!

  2. I'm just waiting for my ride to the dinner, but I'm all ready to go. I even put on tinted lip chap for the occasion. Crazy, I know!

    Congratulations John! I'm so glad we can be there to celebrate with you tonight.

  3. Congrats to John and I certainly hope to see photos of you in the dress! Steph

  4. Congratulations John!... on the award and, obviously, on a job well done. It is always nice to be recognized by peers (and others!) for your efforts! g

  5. hooray John! I want to see the Audrey dress. I love Audrey Hepburn. That is a cool picture of John i like it! :)


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