mama's weekend

Can we spread the Mother's Day into an entire weekend? Why not?

Those of us who are mama's appreciate the extra pampering.

I kick started the weekend with a leisurely morning, at a local cafe with a good friend...

a fellow mama...her first Mother's Day! Wahoo!

Chatting over our eggs(eggs blackstone for me! Yum-O) and lattes, window shopping and...

getting suckered into make-up updates at Benefit. The sales gal saw 2 tired mamas walk into the store and she pouncedon us with full force...she had just the fix for our 'tired" look.

We did feel pampered by our new look.

Of course I did not come home empty handed.
I am such a consumer it is shameful.
The way I see it is...I got a price adjustment on a new dress (a 50% savings) so I had extra for some makeup. A lovely little update...much needed as I have not worn much eye makeup since my initial Iritis onset, nearly 2 years ago.
Does it sound like I am justifying.
Maybe a wee bit.
Happy Mother's Weekend to all the mothers, mothers to be
and Happy Woman's Weekend to all you non-mothers...
you deserve a Happy Woman's Weekend!

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  1. WooHoo good for you Nicole! Thanks and hope you have a wonderful Mother's day/weekend as well!!


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