A half week in review

warning...lots of linky-loos!
Can you have a week in review but only review half the week?
In bloggy land you can do whatever you want and call it whatever you want.
Happy Thursday!
Delia and I have started a new Thursday ritual...John takes Jude to school (since we are now a 2 car family) and Dels and I sit around the house in our pj's watching videos and messing around on the www. No rushing to go anywhere or do anything. I am enjoying this time with her.
She is so fun, creative, kooky and is growing up far too fast.
This morning between shimming up the doorposts and twirling madly down the hallway she stopped to illustrate...a little impromptu book making endeavor.
"Am I the greatest artist ever, Mommy?" she exclaimed.
Indeed you are.
I seem to have thrown my weight loss endeavors to the wind the last 2 weeks or so and have had baking on the mind, so on Monday I whipped up pumpkin muffins and this yummy berry cake from "Apples for Jam".
Everything in that cookbook has been delish so far...eye candy to boot.

We shared the muffins and cake with 3 of our neighbours...it is good to share.
I hope someday the kids won't even think twice about sharing...we have a long way to go!
On Tuesday, I was still in baking mode.
Puffed pancake for lunch, scones for the tearoom and I attempted baked beans again.
The beans taste yummy but looked a bit like re fried beans.
I am still in hot pursuit if a good baked bean recipe.

After "quiet time"...a euphemism for nap time...Dels and I made chunky peanut, chocolate and cinnamon cookies.
She loves the measuring, pouring, mixing and of course batter tasting!
Who doesn't?

Yum-o. The recipe is from MS.

So much baking and playing, climbing, running and being a 4.5 years old can sure be tiring!

As many of know, I have little things I like to obsess over...organic fruit and veggies; free range chickens; pastured eggs; healthy, non-toxic cleaning supplies and the list goes on.

Lately, I have been concerned about the products I put on my body...phthalates issues and beyond.

I found this amazing site but warning may cause depression, purging, judging and spending!

Then I stumbled across the Green Girl Guide.

Of course, which lead me to think about nail polish...which I love...which is toxic.

I have been rethinking mani-pedi's which I also love...which can be expensive, especially for the non-toxic kind. Delia also likes her nails painted.

So, I ordered these little items to relieve my concerns...for now...about nail polish.

Isn't the packaging adorable...reusable wrap and clever, clean lines.

As for holding power...stay tuned.


Yesterday, after a lovely little bike ride (on a bicycle built for 2...trail-a-bike version), we had guests over for an afternoon of sewing, chatting, creating and eating!

Denise introduced me to this great tutorial. So clever and cute. We whipped up one for our daughters with in a hour! No photos...today!

To end the midweek with a photo of Grandma Gill's aprons on the line...I did a photo shoot with them before they will be distributed and such.

There really is something so homey about wearing an apron, with your clothesline hanging in the sunshine while you take a break from baking and sewing. I should have been a 50's housewife.

Other news this week...Jose our cat came home from his extended stay at the vet...he is recovering from who-knows-what-kinda-infection and is racing his skinny butt around the house like a wild animal...he wants to go outside but Mama says "No".

My mother's day gift was released, purchased and given yesterday...I see a new obsession in my future!


  1. thanks for the update on jose i was worried. That berry cake looks yummy. you are such an inspiration.

  2. I'm an Alton Brown man myself, and he has this baked beans recipe that keeps it pretty simple.



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