a grand weaving

Sometimes in the scurry of life it is hard to stop and notice the little things,

the small things, the intricate things, the ornate things.

The things that life is made of.

I am not just talking about beautifully woven birds nests tucked behind a curtain on a ledge at a certain CIL (cousin-in-law's) house.

No, I am talking about the things we forget to stop and take notice of...things like flowers growing in the sidewalk cracks, the girl beaming on the bus, the swirl in our lattes...you get the idea. Even beyond things to the thoughts we hold in our head and heart that get lost by the wayside in the shuffle called life.

Sometimes, we need to stop more often and consider those things.

Reflect on the song lyrics so we can really hear the heartbeat of the words, listen to the words behind the conversation when chatting with a friend, enjoy the colors and light in the garden.

For if He cares about the sparrow (or in this case the House Finch) than surely He cares for me...not just in the big things but in the details.
Imagine, if God cared enough to paint finch eggs pale blue with speckles than I can rest assured that He cares about the details of my life.
Things like Grandmothers in hospitals, dear friends moving northward and where summer school funds are going to come from.
My nest, my weaving and my life.


  1. Thanks Nicole for the reminder to look for the beautiful.

  2. Beautiful post, well said. A great reminder (and great photos too)
    I hope your Grandma L is doing alright. Been thinking about her a lot since my mom told me she went in. I am glad your mom was here to go with her.


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