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Into every life and little love must fall and in the past couple of weeks I have felt the love. Not just the kind words, helping hands and notes of encouragement but in the form of gifts. Gifts must be a big part of my love language...one of many I think.

The gifts I (we) received all came as surprises...the best way to give and receive.

Thank you for the love.

Above photo depicts kitchen love in the form of practical kitcheny goodies...chocolate, vanilla, flour (not pictured), tea towels, cake lifters. I need to do some baking...something involving scrumptious chocolate chips.

Love in the form of fabric...a surprise packet in the mailbox.

What shall I sew? A tote? An apron? A hat? Nothing?

Love in the form of bling bling...this is a lovely ring to replace the ring that was stolen/misplaced while on our European Vacation.

A lovely little bauble.

Surprise love in the form of a second car, though we are grateful we would rather spend time with Grandma Gill than drive her car.
She was a pure example of a giving heart.
Thank you everyone for the love, and because I feel the love I want to spread the love.
5 randomly selected comments on this post will be sent a gift.
Comment your heart out...something about a gift given or received.
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  1. Lovely post, lovely gifts!

    Recently I have been thinking so much about the quilts that Grandma B made for each one of us. The hours and hours spent on each one of us. The tiny stitches across each one. The birds, the dolls, the automobiles, the beautiful fabrics. Each quilt was a labor of love. I can still picture her living room filled with the quilting paraphernalia. To date my quilt is still my favorite gift received. I love all the memories that come along with it as I hold it in my arms!

  2. Wow Nicole what a blessing after a rough couple of weeks!

    I have thinking a lot lately about how blessed I have been lately by all of my online friendships - old, new, and renewed.Ü

  3. This week the best gift I received was the gift of encouragement from my daughter, age 7. I was having a rough day, feeling unappreciated, and I was making a birthday cake for someone at work. Knowing my kids would miss out, I made a mini cake just for them. Kassia saw it and said to her friend, WOW, MY MAMA IS SO GOOD TO ME. It made my heart swell and was definitely the best gift I'd received in a long time. Little surprises, especially unexpected ones, are wonderful!


  4. I know it's the obvious answer, but I have to say that my daughter is the best gift. She suprises me every day and she's growing up so fast, she brings us so much joy!

  5. Nicole,

    YOU are the most wonderful gift! Your uplifting, positive encouragement is a blessing, and you always manage to throw in a few comments that leave me giggling. I scrolled down your post to see if possibly...yes! the bling made your list! And please know that Grandma Gill expressly said that if she went to be with the Lord, she wanted you and John to have her car (complete with a little reminder that Grandma was nearing the end - a big scratch on the driver's side!). I love you, aunt katya

  6. Well, today is our 5 year anniversary. And as a tradition we exchange cards and then head out to do something we haven't done before. After a good hike we returned home and few moments later a friend arrived with a potted lily and a card. It was completely unexpected but very appreciated. Anniversaries are really for the couple to celebrate and reflect on thier time together and hopes/wishes for the future. But to have others congratulate and even acknowlegde our ongoing committiment, is well, special. Now if I can only keep this plant alive.

  7. Wow that ring is so blingy gorgeous!
    Rotten about the old one though.

    I too think that one of my love languages is gifts. I have always put it further down on the list than it really is, don't know why, as much fun as it is to get something, to be able to give, now that is amazing.

    My best gift, a healthy family, makes my heart explode. There is so much pain and suffering and I am so greatful. God is good!

  8. Right now I'm just grateful or the gift of good health!

    LOVE the ring! Your story made me march right down and get the insurance reinstated on mine.

  9. my greatest gift...wow um i would have to say spiritually it would be Jesus dying on the cross....but as for something to hold in my hand would be the gift i received from a new dear friend. She brought me a small bag of mints as she had remembered i had asked her for one when my tummy was upset. It blessed me so much that someone would be so thoughtful!!!! ;)Thank you Nicole!

  10. Gifts come in all shapes and sizes; usually unexpected, sometimes unfamiliar!

    My best gift? My children, my husband, and the endless noise and laundry.

    And I would have commented sooner -- I love gifts as much as the next guy -- but have been under "tour arrest." And yes, we did survive. Barely.

    So do we really live like a mile apart, or are we in fact separated by miles and miles and miles? Seems like the latter...

  11. A gift...

    everyone going to think whose that guy posting a lame message...oops...I'm anonymous.

    Love the blog.

  12. I think the best gift I've ever been given was a teapot that came all the way from Russia. One of my refugee friends, aghast at the fact that I did not own a teapot, gave me one of hers. Since refugees arrive with very few of their personal belongings, it was especially touching to have been given something so close to her heart.

  13. i was thinking about what chatty said... my grandma made me a quilt as well. it wasnt hand stitched but i remember piles and piles of fabric and getting to pick out the colours and fabrics that i liked best! i still use it :)

  14. The best gift... Well, thats kinda hard! It's hard to remember what was the most heartfelt, but I always love those pictures or crafts that kids give you. You know it's out of the bottom of their hearts that they wanted to give you something and thats the only thing they have to give! Love is the best gift. Especially that from our Saviour! I love your blog Nicole! Although I don't comment too often ;)