craft bonaza and winners

Another afternoon of craft love...I have unleashed the crafty beast which lay dormant within my children. In fact, this morning at 6:38am when they were wide awake, dressed and rearing to go I heard them in the kitchen preparing to craft their little hearts out.

Oh, the paper love.

Oh, the glitter glue love.

Oh, the paper punch love!!

Let the madness continue.

I am trying to be waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more relaxed about the clutter and mess.

I have allowed boxes and baskets to litter the hallway for a couple of weeks now...procrastinating on the big "craft closet" overhaul which trickled to a stop at a midway point. There is playmobil spread all over the living room floor, in which Delsie just promised "I'll set it ALL up for you Jude...you wait, Jude, after school...".

Apparently there will be Playmobil love.

Speaking of clutter, I thought it high time to start sewing again, so I have "my sewing room" in various containers and baskets stacked around the kitchen. I am motivated to work within the clutter, a big deal for me.

Let's see if it will last.

The spread the love winners were randomly selected by Delsie last evening at about 6 pm. Thank you everyone...I can not believe for one moment though that only 14 of you read the post...I am no Pioneer Women that's for sure with the 3000 comments!
So, my winners should expect a "love" gift from me in the near future.
Glenda, please email be you address, as for the rest of you I have your addresses.
Thank heavens for cousins because I think about 1/2 the comments were from cousins...blogging cousins, gotta love it!
If you are looking for a contest or two, check out Design Mom.


  1. ooh ooh! I love that pioneer woman! Stumbled across her a month or so ago when I did a google search for branding day recipes. Fun site!

    Happy day to you!

  2. Ohhh yippeee!!! Thanks Delsie for picking my name! Ü I wish I could come and do paper crafts with you guys. I LOVE papercrafts! Ü

  3. Yeah. I love winning....since I never seem to win anything. Yeah. Will send what you need soon. Sorry....our computer crashed and just got it back up and running. Phew! Love you,

  4. At first I was thinking "Wow those butterflies are awesome, I need that punch". Then it was a trip down memory lane with playmobile. Jessica and I used to 'set it up' for Josh, fun times.
    The I saw my name, whoot! Thanks Nicole, and Delsie for picking!
    Then the links, gosh Nicole, you are forever making my days!

  5. Two of my favorite things, punches and playmobil! I wish I had kids so that I could set up all their playmobil for them. Congrats to the winners.

  6. Thank you thank you Nicole! A delightful surprise. And BTW, the little dress for E is a big hit -- she'll be wearing it tomorrow (!) for her big brother's first communion. She looks angelic in it! Or will, if I can get all the marker ink off of her arms and legs...


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