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Ah Motherhood.

(Could they look and different from one another...who are their parents!!)

I had a fabulous Mother's Weekend...a little friend time, kid time and family time. Chock full of treats, walking, swimming, feasting and gift giving.

I felt loved and honored!

Thank you family!


On a somewhat related note...the follow up on the crisis of summer program for Cordelia...the school district has not honored our request to reconsider so we are walking away winners and rejoicing that next school year's services are great. I love how God takes care of the details because our HMO is going to cover the cost of the speech portion of the summer program (approx $1000) and as for the additional expenses I am confident that is why we are getting an economic stimulus from the government. The fight is not over forever just for right now. More on that at a later date.


Have you ever popped into a fabric store to pick up a couple yards of twill tape?

I am in the final stages of making a tote for my favorite SIL.

If you look really hard you can see the twill tape on top on the must have fabric...
it is an addiction I think.
I do have planned projects for each piece though.
Left to right: skirt or apron; floral & dots are destined to be a clutch; brown floral will be more totes like this one; petite cherries...apron?napkins?twirl skirt? and the pinkish floral was just too cute to pass up.
I promise to focus on my sewing tasks today...
really I do...after I do some gardening...no really.


  1. That is a beautiful picture of the kids (and the fabric's not half bad either).

  2. Awww that picture is adorable!

    Ohhh and the fabric, I'm drooling Ü love them all!

  3. You are right. They do look different...but soooooooooo cute!

  4. Have I told you lately how much I love the lunch tote?

  5. That picture of the kids is so awesome it needs to be a billboard!!! it is great they are so beautiful!!! I love the fabric!

  6. So your son has some serious family resemblance. Crazy.


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