the big event

( A blurry, just before the party photo, as seen by our kids with their shaky camera skills.)


John's award banquet was lovely, we need to get out more often.

The event was filled to capacity and John's fan club filled 4 tables save one seat, which was next to me, an interesting table companion from a State Senator's office.
A good time had by all.
Instead of going on and on I thought I would leave you with an excerpt from John's 90 second speech...the part of the speech where the room fell silent...
...My son is in kindergarten now, and we often judge classes and evaluate teachers and schools by asking "Well, what if your son or daughter were in that class?" or "Would you send your your kids to that school?" As for me, I feel compelled to consider "How would I teach if God's Son were in my classroom?" I trust I would be prepared, diligent, engaging and creative. Not a buddy to my students, but a friend. Not their parent, but a guide and a role model. Not their motivation, but an inspiration...
Bravo, Honey! I am so very proud of you.


  1. Gasp...WOW...silence here!
    You both look fabulous!
    I wish my kids could have J for a teacher!

  2. I love the pictures. That speech sounded awesome. I am so happy for you both.

  3. Gosh that choked me up! I am proud too, for both of you. John really nailed perspective on the head, I want to write that one down and read it every time I start to freak out over kid stuff.

    You two look awesome by the way!

  4. Huge congrats to John for the award. I admire anyone who has taught for 11 years. There are too few awards for educators and other such heros.

    And congrats to you both for looking so smashing!

  5. Congratulations, John! I love well crafted, meaningful speeches and it sounds like yours would have been on my list of favourites. (Thanks, Nicole, for keeping us up to date on the life of your family).

  6. Lookin' good you two! Congrats to John, well deserved!!


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