ta da

Thank you everyone for your birthday wishes, emails, comments and Facebook wall-to-wall's.
I had a lovely little day...started the day with snuggles and gifts with the family in bed, spent the morning running errands with my grumpy daughter,hanging with the kids in the afternoon. I finished off the day with a scrumptious dinner I made and a solo outing to the bookstore.
It is official I am 36...I was going to scan my baby photo but alas the day disappeared and this morning I have big plans to spend the morning in the garden.
Last evening, while on my solo venture to the bookstore, I read a Martha Beck article about collecting and how collections can grow wildly out of control. I couldn't agree more. Though I love birds and have been given many lovely birdie things, collected bird knick knacks, art and jewellery I think I have enough birds. Not to say if you are making, purchasing or sending me bird things I will still love them but I have just the right amount...not too many not too little.
I like other things too...like diamonds...tote bags, woodland creatures, chocolate, books, gardening, cookbooks, art supplies, paper, Anthropologie, and the list goes on.
Don't get me wrong I am so grateful...I love this little bird pitcher my anti-bird-loving sister sent me for my birthday...adorable.

Isn't the bird pendant sweet...I picked that treasure up yesterday at Anthroplogie with birthday moola...charming. Notice the bird theme.

A lady freeing a bird table lamp...Jude chose this for me.

Her skirt is the lamp shade. What a sweet boy.

My family also gave me a pink helmet...to match my bike...of course.

Happy Birthday to me...a cake to share.


  1. I also love Anthropologie and am very happy that they opened a store here. However, I'm too cheap to buy anything there (that's fabric money!). But if I lose another ten pounds before Nate, my prize is to buy something there, so I'm working hard! Glad you had a good birthday, and I won't send any birds!

  2. Happy Belated Birthday dear cousin of mine. I am sorry that I missed the actual day.


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