Roman Holiday

Our day started with a quick stop at the Pantheon and Trevi Fountain before heading to the Spanish Steps (a la Roman Holiday) to meet my lovely sister, Wendy.
So chic.
Our personal Hepburn!

Our holiday is quickly coming to a close and I am ready to head home. (Pantheon pictured above). I have learned a great many things on this trip. One of which is...ten days is a lengthy enough vacation for me. Especially without my kids...I am anxious to see them again in a few days. A couple other lessons learned: large tour groups irritate me to no end, margherita pizza is golden, don't leave jewelry in your suitcase when a safe is available, use carry on luggage, always carry travel toilet paper and drink cappuccinos as often as you can in a cafe in a piazza.

Today we saw a great many things not the least of which was the Pope. (San Pietro...piazza et al in Vatican City) Yes, indeed the big guy himself...don't you see him way back there on the steps in front of the big brown doors. Thank heavens for oversized flat screen tv's. The crowds were overwhelming but pretty cool to be at the Vatican when the Pope is speaking and celebrating mass. We stopped for a moment and then seized the moment to move onward to the Sistine Chapel...we were not the only ones with that idea. The Sistine Chapel was amazing but I would much rather see it in solitude...so many people talking and milling around detracting from the sacred beauty of the chapel. Wendy and I were discussing how the sacredness is missing from the Vatican hotspots...1000 of people are distracting when holiness is the focus. On that note I am grateful to have seen amazing pieces of art.
Basically the day was jammed with tourists...such as myself.

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  1. What a great picture of Wendy! Am enjoying your travel posts and will be sad when the blogventure ends. Enjoy the rest of the trip and have a lovely reunion with your kiddos.


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