I guess I am back in the swing of things...time (and life) marches onward.

Waking with the kids not hours before, picking up groceries, shuttling kids to school...

yep, life as I know it.

So, that means I went shopping.

Yes, I am a consumer but I did have a gift card burning a hole in my wallet...off to Gymboree we go...and to home we go with a girl in stripes. Who knew by age 4 1/2 one could have so many opinions about what to wear? I am afraid I have lost my window of choosing clothes for Dels. It is a sad day. No longer do I get to pick the cutest ruffly blouse with grosgrain ribbon, instead I get to pay for the colorful stripes.

Next year she'll be wearing an uniform so perhaps I can control the navy/white and khaki options.

I doubt it!

Check out my new sneakers...for sneaking around and appearing to be a mega cool urban mama. They are an early birthday gift from a dear friend...not only is it a gift to me but a gift to the world as they are "ethLETic"...check it out.

A wee gift for Jude...that I might need to borrow from time to time!

An opportunity to teach time. If that is possible!

Oh, by the by more European Adventure photos can be viewed here.

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