for the love of all birds

I am so misunderstood.
I do love birds.
All sorts of birds.
I don't like birds perched on me though.
I do not like hordes of pigeons.
I am afraid of "The Birds".
I never read "Thornbirds" I was not allowed to...I think it is naughty.
I have many bird-ish things.
As you can see.

Retro bird flashcards on my sorta inspiration board.
I say "sorta" because I created an "art room" and moved the kids into the same bedroom but never moved my inspiration board into the art room, which is good because now the kids are back in their original rooms and I am without art room or art area. In fact my crafty arty stuff is stashed in piles in about 5 different areas on my house, which drives me crazy but not so crazy because I have yet to settle on a craft/art area nor am I creating anything.
But I do like bird images on my inspiration board which is really next to John's dresser.
Not inspiring just birdie.

More birds...on Delia's wall.
Wall art. She has 2 walls with various bird art.

She is like a bird...a little bird.

Bird jewelry...which I bought with birthday money.

See I do like birds, want birds and collect bird things...I just don't want only birds...may I remind you again that I like books, cashmere, chocolate, diamonds, nature-ish things, Italy, dishtowels and Chez Panisse. And so on. I am collecting those things too.

Okay not really but my most favorite sweater...a lovely lavender cashmere hoodie that my most favorite sister-in-law gave me finally bit the dust. As Dels exclaimed 'Mom your sweater is broken!" Indeed a big old hole in the elbow and numerous stains and perpetually dirty cuffs.

I digress, back to birds, which I love.

Alas, my dusty dresser...bird light, bird art, vintage glass bird from Czech.

Oh and a photo of my mom holding at cat! Also vintage!!

Birds in the kitchen...on the wall...

stacked in a cupboard...

hung on the oven door...(gotta love Anthropologie, which I love as much as birds)

on the stove top...also vintage from my Grandmother's collection.

Not pictured...bird stationary,bird fabric, bird wine cork, bird paintings, bird books.

In fact I just received a new bird book today.

See I do love birds but not exclusively.

It is late and tomorrow is a big day and I am going cuckoo.


  1. Nicole you sew my dear - redesign the favorite cashmere sweater - cut the sleeves off, hem them and wear a long sleeve shirt underneath. Very trendy and you get to keep the favorite sweater! I'd love to see Delsies' face then! Ü

  2. I'm still not convinced about the birds... he, he


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