While in Roma we sought out and found the most beautiful old Protestant cemetery with mostly English epitaphs. Interesting and endearing statements about who the deceased were and the legacies they left behind.
Statements of faith: "Simply to the cross I cling".
Statements of frivolity: "Rosebud, what does that mean?".
Statements of love: "Devoted wife of...and beloved mother to...".
Obviously this week has been a week of reflection.
Reflection on Grandma Gill's life...her life statements so to speak.
Reflection on my own life and life statements.
Statements or epitaphs.
We are preparing for the celebration of Grandma's life on Saturday.
There are so many stories to tell and to be told.
So many statements have and will be made.
In fact in my little family 3 of the 4 of us will take part in the funeral service.
Statements of faith, gratitude and love will be spoken.
At the end of your life what will your statement be?
An epitaph of your faith, your humor, your love?
May I live my life in such a way that my epitaph would reflect my faith in Jesus.
This particular tombstone of the grieving angel was to the sole reason we headed to the cemetery. The husband of Emelyn Story apparently sculpted this, his final piece of art in memory of his beloved wife and then died shortly thereafter.
The cemetery is the resting place of Keats and Shelly and of course others.

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  1. Thinking of and praying for you all this weekend Nicole Ü


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