back on the bus, without the bus

Last week, in the midst of the busyness Jude turned to me and asked,

"Mom, can we just stay home next week instead of going out every day?"


We all need a few afternoons at home.

Afternoons of nothingness. Afternoons of playing.

Afternoons with no plans but with plenty of room for unscheduled fun.

Afternoons of paint , paintbrushes and paper.




We need several more afternoons like this.
Paints, bubbles in the backyard, giggles, quiet times that actually include sleeping, snacks
and supper at Costco. Shameless!


  1. We love lunch at Costco. Polish sausage (minus bun) with lots of sauerkraut for me, and a polish sausage hotdog for The Mr. :) Sounds like the best kind of day to have with all that playing and relaxing.

  2. Mmmmm! Supper at Costco - the best date ever...or at least tied with movie night at the Drive-in!

  3. Right on for unscheduled fun! My kids thrive when I give them this opportunity. Yesterday at the park, no schedule, no need to hurry anywhere...I watched them play for 30 extra minutes and we got home tired and happy at 7:30! It was AWESOME.

    And the lunches at Costco make the trip bearable!

  4. Sigh...Jude I am soooo with you on that one! Ü

  5. Mmm, I now have a poutine on the brain, Costco is calling!
    I love lazy days filled with art, what fun!


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