So I have been composing the cleverest of posts for the past couple of days (which has since vanished from my mind)...tonight after much ado I uploaded the photos, saved the drafts and uploaded a couple more photos for future posts. I switched computers...so I can blog from the comfort of my bed...my MIL is napping in the living room and John is out playing softball so I can blog from bed...leave me alone it is a "special treat". I get all settled, sign on to blogger and pull up said photos...what do I get but a square boxed x.
As I already mentioned I do not have the time or patience for such things but I have not blogged for days.

The main reason I have not blogged is the lack of anything interesting happening in my life and the struggle to find the balance of over sharing my life versus blather in the context of my blog. Do you really want to hear the mundane details of a SAHM? How I made a delicious brown butter, fresh sage chicken dish for dinner twice in the past week or how my house has not been dusted in weeks. How about I moved the kids back to their own rooms after a short stint of room sharing and art room creating...I did indeed move them back partially; Jude still has sewing stuff on shelf next to his bed and Dels has robots & Legos on her bookshelf. To top it off there are Rubbermaid bins of CRAP sitting around our bedroom waiting to go in the attic, be donated or given to a local non profit for a garage sale. Do you want to hear how Jude started tennis lessons and how I found cheaper swimming lessons? How about the fact my kids ate sauteed spinach for dinner with cauliflower and chicken sausage tonight?! Really.

See blather. Nothingness. Daily stuff for me. Blather.

Perhaps I could complain to you about how unfair my life is, who did me wrong and why I have friendship issues.
The woe-is-me saga.
Potentially blather too. You don't want to hear me complain, curse and bad mouth those around me.
Complain. Whine. Grumble.

I know, I could write about how my daughter allows me to pick out her clothes, wants to wear a hat in the sun and is not interested in bothering her brother. But those would be falsehoods.

Maybe I just need to stick to the mantra of my youth...via my mom.

"Is it kind? Is true? Is it necessary?"

In which case I need to get to the bottom of the missing photos so I can carry on with real life blogging in the DeliaJude world of mine...mundane and fantastic all rolled into one. But sadly no crafting of late.


  1. Ahhhh I feel your pain my dear. I thought everything would be great when Spring hit... now I have MUD issues! Ü
    I love your pictures but to tell ya the truth, reading your list of blather was very entertaining to say the least! ;)
    Take a break and enjoy today!

  2. Oh, Nicole. You described my world. The mundane. I am trying to embrace it. What else to do. My creative side is exploding inside yet there is no time to let it all out.
    So I blog...about potty training. Blah!
    It is my world right now.
    I love reading about your daily stuff, feels real to me. Lets me feel connected to other moms. Dont know why I feel I need it.
    The food, I love your food posts, you are an amazing foodstress...is that even a word?

  3. I am so glad to see that i am not alone! You do great and i am so proud of you. You do such wonderful things i am always in awe of you. Hang in there tomorrow is a new day! Thank heavens!

  4. If you write a post, save it, copy and paste it into a new post and then delete the old one, you delete the uploaded photos off the server too, even though they are in both posts. The photos in the second post disappear too. I doubt that is what you are doing. I also doubt you can understand my run-on sentence! When I get an x instead of a photo, that is what I have done.

    If you click on them do they show up? What about if you view your post in preview mode? (when you edit/compose, right under "compose" is "preview.") You can also get help through the blogger help group. Or you can check the blogger site and see if it is a known problem that they are working on.

    Hope that helps. :)


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