4 or so

Another double post day...it is so hard to choose what to post because everything is new and exciting and my emotions swing the spectrum numerous times a day. So I'll show a couple more photos before I head out to meet Wendy for another day of galavanting around Roma.

Cappuccino and pastry...a great way to kick off the day or a mid morning break or both!

A colossal hand in a museum.

Our first evening in Roma we sought out Pizzeria Baffetto, on the recommendation of a good friend...well worth the search and the wait for supper! The place was jammed with people and a wait line out the door. The pizza was divine...above was the Baffetto special...if you are ever in Rome, swing by and stop for a bit...it'll be worth every mile and bite.

On the edge of Trevi fountain I saw this trash can...I thought of my sister-in-law...for reasons unknown since she is not a streetsweeper, painter, composer, writer or with me in Rome but she probably would have noticed the MLK quote. Thinking of you Jackie...wish you were here so we could go shoe shopping together...lots of red shoes in the windows here and wedge boots on the Italian women.


  1. Eternally jealous - despite the fact that I was also on vacation for the past 10 days. Can't wait for you to be home...but are you too worn out to walk with me now?? You aren't the only one missing your kids!! :)

  2. Thanks for posting so much. It is like a mini vacation when I come here. The photos are stunning and it sounds so amazing, what an adventure.


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