where's Waldo?

Perhaps you are wondering where I am? We are in Italia now and have been for the past few days but no wi-fi access or for that matter internet access. Today we had lunch at a small cafe in Montorosso (Cinque Terre) and as a paying customer we are allowed about 15 minutes on their computer...it is however painfully slow dial up situation. Thus no photos. Tomorrow we travel onward to Roma which should have more www access...I hope...then I will post a zillion photos.

The basic facts...the weather is wonderful...sunny, warm and bright. We spent a day in the walled city if Bergamo (near Milano) and yesterday we hiked the 5 hillside towns of Cinque Terre. The hike is about 7 miles and close to 2000 steps up. I am grateful to have the opportunity to see such amazing beauty! We finished the day with a boat ride back to our hotel. I am gorging on pizza, espresso drinks and of course gelato. I am convince I will bring my kiddos here someday...maybe before they are teenagers and don't want to be seen with us! I heart Italia!

On the downside, a little incident has blown the wind out of my sails so to speak, I have missing jewelry. Yesterday before the big hike I left my wee bit a of jewelry in the hotel room in a small pouch in my suitcase. Today I can not find it anywhere. We have searched high and low numerous times. We had our laundry done yesterday so as I see it the pouch is either lost at the laundry place, stolen or misplaced. The hotel folk have been helpful but I am sad and frustrated...everything is replaceable and hold mostly sentimental value with the exception of a precious new ring (of value). Perhaps I should be more earnest in prayer. Perhaps this is a test of faith and patience. Perhaps I have lost both. My heart is heavy and today seems to be long. Mercies are new every morning but it doesn't seem that way this morning.

More news and pics in a day or two....oh it was daylight savings here last night...it get twice this year! On an upswing I get to see my sister in 2 days!

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  1. I'm so sorry about your jewlery Nicole - praying also that you will find it!

    I want to go there so bad... I will go with you!


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