a week in review

I am still here...in blogland...just got sidetracked with the business of life.
The whirlwind of birthdays, afternoons riding new bikes in the park, shuttling kids to and from speech and school, sleeping off migraine potential headaches, taking the car into the shop, getting new bi-focals and the usual mom like business...you now the toilet cleaning laundry folding cooking the meals kinda business.
I managed to squeeze in a wee bit of sewing, grocery shopping and pre-travel preparations.
Somehow in the whirl of it all the week passed me by...ever so quickly and when I look to the days that await I can see the song & dance doesn't let up.
We are off on a hike tomorrow with John's club while our little rental house (home) gets a new roof...I promise real photos of real life events...when I can stop and take a deep breath.
For now I will enjoy the first fruits of spring and rest a bit.
I will stop to smell the tulips before crashing into bed.
Is 7:45 pm too early?


  1. 7:45pm? Humf...thats's perfect bedtime honey! Then ya can get up early before everyone else, have your coffe and get lots accomplished before they wake up and your mess starts all over again!
    Sounds like you been busy,busy, hope you can get some relaxing in this weekend and enjoy the outdoors Ü

  2. You are off to Europe soon aren't you? Have a fantabulous time away from the kids and the motherness. I am so craving Easter right now and spring and family and hugs and kisses. It can't come soon enough.


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