spring is sprung

Every holiday in the past year is preempted by a barge of questions regarding the appropriate decor for the holiday and "when are we getting the ---fill in the holiday---things down?". Getting down refers to our stinky old attic storage, which involves pulling in the ladder from outside, setting the ladder up and haul our behinds up into the stinky attic to get holiday things down. Not only storage for decor but luggage, cast-offs, camping gear, old toys and the stuff that has no other place to go. A sad sad space.

Nonetheless, the season is changing. Spring is here...almost, and Easter is just around the corner. A wee bit earlier than usual, in March this year. I love Easter, possibly my favorite holiday. I love going to church for Good Friday and Easter Sunday services. I love the contrast of sorrow and joy mingling. Of course I believe remembering the death and resurrection of Jesus should be celebrated more than once a year, but I do love the sense of unity of Christians worldwide stopping to reflect, remember and rejoice. This year I will be in London for Easter Sunday...I wonder what that will be like.

Easter in our house also includes a big family meal with a big ol' ham baking and scalloped potatoes ready to go in the oven; oodles of chocolate and a egg hunt for the kiddos. I will miss all that but I have a few goodies for the kids baskets. Thank you Denise for hosting my mom and kids for the 2008 Easter extravaganza.

We decorated the house today, much to the delight of my children. They will now play "egg hunt" for approximately 12 weeks! Seriously I don't put too much out but I can't help myself. I don't ever recall my mom placing fluffy chicks, glittered eggs or random bunnies around the house but I do recall a friend I had in school whose mom always decorated for every holiday...even St Patty's Day! Mrs Sholdice wherever you are thank you for inspiring me. I do fondly recall my mom hosting a houseful of family & friends for a gigantic home cooked meal...and sometimes a chocolate egg hunt...chocolate eggs we would continue to find in random places over the course of the next 12 weeks.

Come on...how can anyone resist fluffy lopsided chicks...placed hither and thither...a sign of spring. Speaking of spring like weather I hit a local nursery on Sunday and dropped a bundle of bedding plants. Of course I have yet to plant them but I have a perfect excuse...our roof and the roof of the cottage out back (another rental) have just been replaced so the workers are tromping though our yard/garden with their big heavy boots. Sniff sniff sniff! a subtle nod to the big hungry bear!

Don't you want to play "hide the eggs".
I was spoiled once again today with a meal...a shout out to Karen for the scrumptious enchilada casserole...not cooking meant I had extra time to read with Jude and start sewing another project.


  1. Ohh your house looks so pretty! Love the chicks! I am so jealous of your planned trip... please take lots of pictures!!

  2. I love the chicks too!

    Would love to hear a bit more about your trip plan! Sounds very exciting! How many countrries will you visit?


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