praha post 2

Mimicking the cover of our Lonely Planet guidebook...the metro here is fast, easy and clean. We are staying just outside the main core of tourist-ville and tend to metro in and walk back home at the end of the day. Every time we hop off the train I stop and pose...if you look up close you can see I am smiling...this was about the 5th attempt at the perfect metro shot. This is who I have become stripped of my mama role...a dork!

Again I am drawn to the eggs, bowls of lovely eggs...I purchased a few but the big question remains will they survive in my carry on luggage all the way home. I'll let you know in 9 more days! Are you jealous? This morning we had a lazy time around the flat...eating, reading and packing...now we are huddled around the in the lobby on 4 different computers doing the techie thing...blogging, emailing and playing poker!

This is a traditional sweet snack sold on carts...yeasty dough dipped in sugar, wrapped around metal bars slowly turning over a coal burning fire...delish. Tastes a bit like sugared toast on fresh bread. Ohh yeah.

A parting shot of the beauty of the architecture of Prague.
I am having spell check issues...bear with me please!!!


  1. Fantastic pictures guys. AWESOME! You should pack those eggs up and ship them home Nicole.

  2. The trip is under way and for those stuck in the cold northwest, we feel your snowflaked pain. Love the post and the pictures. I want to know the details on the train pic...


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