on the trail

Via Italia!

Or something like that.

As I elluded to earlier, we spent several days in the Cinque Terre region. The main purpose was to hike the trail that unites the 5 towns. A lovely little hike in which you can power through in mere hours or you can take your time, snapping photos, resting in the town centers and enjoying the view. We chose the latter.

Don't get me wrong my calves were a tad aching the next day...it was no stroll in the park.

The towns are picturesque...colorful, quaint and full of charming alleyways and stairways.

Colorful laundry (and not so colorful) dangles from the lines, swaying the breeze.

A slower pace, a life of hard work and ease.

One day we walked past the local church after the call to mass and the church was crammed full of locals and tourists. The congergation sang along with the choir. It was beautiful. I wish I could bottle the sound and keep it!

A sign on the trail!

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