my firstborn

Such wee little toes all pink and wrinkly from months in utero...we are in sync with our matchy matchy I.D bands. A moment marked in time...I have forgotten so many details already but what I do remember was the moment we became a family, my heart nearly burst with love in that instant.

Our little family...a few hours in...I am not looking my best but who cares!

Love is in the air!

Welcome to this world little Jude...a snapshot for his birth announcement.
So beautiful...my boy.


  1. Awww how time flys eh? Happy B-Day Judah!

  2. I remember seeing that little birth announcement snap shot and thinking just how much he looked like your brother and the rest of the B's. He looks like his daddy too of course, but so much like a B!

    He is adorable still today! I wish I could meet your kids in person. :)

  3. Your post made me smile at all of the happy memories. It is neat to see those pictures from the first moments.

  4. Oh Little Jude looks so much like Big Jude, so cute!


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