mail delivery day 2

What is with the deliveries of love these days...Jude also received a package from Uncle Phil with DVDs (Thank you!) this week. Love is in the air. Okay birthdays are in the air at least. Today we received Aunty Sara's (my sister) birthday love...not only for Jude but for me too. My birthday is next month. I want to peek but I am going to wait because the older you get the fewer presents you have to open on your actual b-day. Not to mention my birthday present is pretty much a trip to Europe. Only 8 more days and then Czech & Italy I go.

I am failure at the whole lent thing...I did not memorize any verses and today when I opened the bag of mini eggs for the kids I was overwhelmed by chocolate heaven. I succumbed. I am so weak but man oh man were those little morsels tasty. Okay, I am over it...the guilt that is. I can wait 10 more days for Easter like I committed. At which point I intent to have a yummy hot cocoa complete with whipped cream...and then resume my healthy eating choices. Wait, I'll be in London so I will need to have fish n' chips. Ooo...and then a run I suppose.

Another highlight of today...ants on a log. Yep, I introduced my children to a classic childhood snack. Celery, peanut butter and raisins. Or currants in my version, I only had golden raisins and they are not "ant" like. Another successful snack option. On that note, the berries are California grown these days...wahoo. My own strawberry and blueberry plants have little fruit buds. I love summer fruit!

I am trying to get my groove back. I feel like I am in constant motion all day but for some reason I can never get to the things I really want to do..sewing, cooking, gardening. Today I was inspired and for some reason had free time to whip up a veggie lasagna...I was searching for the perfect recipe but instead combined several good (looking)recipes and it turned out delicious. If anyone has a stellar vegetable lasagna recipe send it my way, please.
Well, here it is 9 pm and I have yet to garden today but it is dark so I'll rule that option out. I have yet to sew today but I like to complete a project so I am out of time but perhaps I could cut out a pattern or 2 for potential sewing opportunities tomorrow. Hah...tomorrow already is busy busy busy with classroom duties, cookie baking and cycling with my son. Okay, I'm off to cut fabric!


  1. My favorite veggie lasagna is veggie for a different reason than yours is. I leave in the beef, but substitute zucchini strips for the noodles. I can't have very much wheat before getting sick, so that works well for me! Yum!

  2. Ooh! The birthday box looks like a lot of fun!

  3. Mail deliveries are the best. I seem to get really excited these days even when a letter comes. We get very little mail now.
    I too have project piling up: writing (getting through chapter 3), I hauled out the sewing machine (you inspired me) and I'm sewing bibs for all the new babies in my family then will challenge myself with making a tote and then there's photography (reading, playing and taking the picutes).

    Miss hanging out. Happy egg hunting. Oh and lastly, I love the font thing. I'm going to have my mom and dad fill in the template which will be great for making this photo archive book.

  4. I can't believe you are talking about fresh local strawberries etc. when we have had fresh snow all weekend. You can't eat that. I laughed at your In Defense of Food entry. I saw the guy on The Hour and thought that he had some interesting things to say.


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