LEGO day

For he's a jolly good fella, having a jolly good time at his birthday party. Part 2 of a 3 day birthday extravaganza...we like to go big or go home. Last night Jude went to see his athletic heroes in action with Dad (and various other members of the clan); today was a Lego bash for the friends and tomorrow will be a birthday blow out at a restaurant with family and an afternoon of Wii. Spoiled rotten and loving every minute of it...pretty cool considering his birth date is March 4th.

The birthday bash was great fun...we had Lego-on-a-spoon relays; reconstructing a Lego sculpture (whatever you call it!) event; regular ol' Lego play; an Easter egg hunt (a bit early I know) with Lego bits inside each egg and all sorts of birthday-ish fun. What's more fun than friends, festivities and maple syrup drenched waffles with dollops of whipped cream...not much.

Empty a bucket of Lego out on the floor in front of 8 kids and this is what you get...sharing! Where did that come from? They played, built, shared, chatted and waited patiently for the next bit of birthday fun.

Ta da...the geek mother in me made a Lego cake. I could not justify more food dye to make a darker more truer Lego green (my food dye issues) so pale green it was...have you seen the array of colors available these days...even light green. Just last week a friend was telling me about a local cake shop that offers cake decorating classes...I think I should sign up to learn a few tricks of the trade...like how to avoid crumbs in the icing and how to square up corners. When Jude saw his cake he commented "Wow, it looks better than I thought it would, thanks!". Ah, out of the mouths of babes.

We decided to try a pinata this year...for our first and likely final time...but we had some staying power issues and ended up beating the thing on the ground until John finally picked it up and shook the goodies out...Lego of course, plastic animals, beads, raisins and chocolate. I should have made a pinata like I wrote on the planning paper during the mom and son party planning meeting but alas I ran out of time. I am such an underachiever.

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  1. Honey... I'd say you acheived one fantastic party there. My youngest who was walking by chuckled and said "oh, it's a lego cake".

  2. underachiever??!!!! I THINK NOT!
    Woooo Hooooo! I love fun parties and I love leggos so I'll probably copy all your brilliant ideas one of these years.

  3. Sounds like fun! I loved playing with Brad's lego growing up. He had a pirate ship and a ship yard with boats and cranes. It was so fun.

  4. I am so glad that the LEGO tradition continues on in the lives of this generation. Give a few raspberry kisses to Judah for me on Tuesday.

  5. I'm going to have to steal your party ideas when Ava gets older - I always love to hear what you come up with. Happy B-day Jude!

  6. to avoid crumbs in icing you need to use apply a "crumb coat"(thin layer of icing all over cake the makes the crumbs stick-then put in fridge for 10-15min to cool) first. then use a clean utensil and non crumb contaminated icing to finish the job.


    happy birthday judah


  7. Love it!
    The cake---awesome!

    BTW...watch you r mail in the nest 8-14 days:)


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