Happy St. Patty's Day!

How could I not have a greenish photo for today? No shamrocks, corned beef or Irish stew I am afraid. My poor little family is getting rotisserie chicken, leftovers and a green veggie! What can I say...I am not in the spirit and I am not Irish...or am I? I am wearing green but I am feeling green. No, not jealous...sick. Today, the week we leave for the big anticipated vacation I wake up with a monster head cold and low grade fever. Phew! I am going to fight the good fight...watch out sick-o germs I am armed and dangerous with all kinds of homeopathic and otherwise meds!! Be gone!

I was searching my house for photo ops celebrating green but I came to the conclusion that green is not my color. Blather blather blather. Nothingness. This blather is exactly what my cheeky sister was talking about. She is the kinda gal who wonders why the river end is called the mouth not the anus. Fabulous, wonderful and I love her to bits. See you in 2 weeks Wend-a-loo!

On the upswing I planted my garden goodies this weekend and started (& finished) some sewing projects. These are softies for the son of a good friend...he is learning his name in a complicated fashion and is an amazing child. I know the "n" is a bit off but after the 2 nd try and several adjustments I figured it is in context and therefore acceptable. Note to self...do not sew n's.
Farewell to y'all I am off to reheat dinner!

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  1. Love the "softies" - that's a great idea!

    Hope you are quickly and miraculously cured so nothing holds you back from vacation fun!!


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