Greetings from Praha

'Tis the week after Easter and Praha is filled with wonderfully decorated eggs...real eggs...painted, colored, and intricately cut with design...eggs are sold on vendor carts, stores, used for decor in every little shop & cafe and hanging off trees in the neighborhoods. Sweet and beautiful. I have yet to see those crappy plastic eggs. So festive without being commerical. We missed the festivities though having spent the day in London and really not celebrating at all. I have many ideas for next year's decor though!
Praha is a charming city that grows on one's soul. Let me start by saying the weather has not been in our favor. Cold cold cold and snow flurries alternating with blue skies and brisk winds. The temp hovers around freezing. brrr. We are staying bundled and find ourselves ducking into cafes for lattes, mulled wine or beer to wait out passing storms. Despite the weather we are enjoying the sights. I am reminded of my year in Athens with the different shops for food rather than a giant supermarket and the buildings are similar with marble floors, small lifts and high ceilings. The city itself reminds me a bit of Firenze (Florence) with the beautiful red tiled roofs,colorwashed walls and winding rivers. However the dream of cheap beer and food is just that...a dream. I suppose if it was summer and the beer gardens were open and the street vendors were out in full force then the cheapness would abound however our dollar is not too strong. We have walked many miles, eaten new foods and visited several castles.
Our first evening here we shared a traditional Czech meal with Ron & Kitty...beer of course...roast duck, roast pork, pork knee (??), fried potato pancakes, flour & potato dumplings served with 4 kinds of cabbage. The most delish red cabbage...cooked down in some sort of simple sugar syrup. So tasty with a bite of pork and dumplings. Super rich and caloric but hey we are walking about 10 miles a day so we need the fat!!

I am so grateful for this opportunity to travel...to travel to Europe and to experince something new each day. Tomorrow we are spending the day in Prague and then flying to Italy.

More to come!


  1. You may be cold but at least you're on holiday. Still sounds blissful, enjoy!

  2. Thanks for the update, it is fun to walk a mile in your touristing shoes via the blog world. :)


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