cities with walls

Let me begin by saying that the spell check is not working! Also some of the photos posted on this blog of the big trip may have been taken by my beloved husband...bless him.

I am several days behind on blogging but now we are in Roma and have access to free and fast wi-fi...although it does mean I need to sit on a cold marble floor in the middle of a long hallway in order to blog. Oh the price I must pay. Let me back track in my life slightly.

These photos are of the old walled city of Bergamo...a lovely and quaint town way up on the hill...with mountains in the distance. The town itself is fairly small with a large piazza with a lovely church (see above photo).

I droolled over the shop windows full on fresh pasta, merigues, pans of foccacia pizza and jars of sweets. I adore Italia...it speaks to my soul. Plus the food is delish...not train food!

While in Bergamo, we picked up pizza slices (on foccacia bread) to eat & share in the centre piazza...as you can see it was hard to choose. I have eaten more pizza in the past few days than I have in 2008. Although to balance it off I am walking between 7-10 miles a day.

The everyday sights are so different from home...so fasinating.

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