birthday-ish boy

So here he is in in all his birthday-ish glory. Sorta...I am having major computer issues today as well as scanner issues...I wanted to delight you all with photos from 6 years ago and the arrival of Judah...a few hours later at least. Alas our crappy old computer is giving us the gears and there are no photos to post of today or of 6 years ago. This snapshot was as recent as Friday past and must suffice. Today, the actual day birth anniversary of the multi day birthday bonanza, Jude reports in at 48 inches and 50 pounds. Good heavens! He entered this world several days late at 8 lbs 2 oz and 21"...he really did not want to leave the comfort of my womb and his gigantic noggin needed some help...but he arrived and thrived and is the joy of my life (along with Dels of course). He never ceases to amaze us with his very being. I am so grateful to God for the amazing gift of children and in particular, on this day for Jude.
I'll try to get this dang computer to compute properly and this scanner to scan and then I will amend this post...bear with me.
Oh, and thank you Jayne for the frosting tip...I'll try it next time.

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